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Please read all the auction Terms and Conditions carefully.

1) Payment for winning bids is due no later than 10 days after the end of the auction. After 2 weeks with no adequate response or communication from the winning bidder, Lunar Legacies reserves the option to charge your credit card which is on file with Live Auctioneers.

2) The vast majority of the items have starting bids that are priced to sell. In some cases, the starting bid substitutes for a consignor's reserve.

3) Since I take items much lesser in value than all other space auction companies, seller or consignment as fees are 20% for most items, but can be less for larger valued items.

5) Buyer fees will be a flat 19%.

6) To bid via the internet you must register with live once the lots gets moved over to their site.
7) Non-excessive packaging and handling will be charged to winning bidders, and of course, as close to the actual postage cost as possible.

9) Overseas shipment must have some sort of tracking mechanism if possible.

10) I accept Paypal, checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

11) Mail-in bids will be accepted up to the time of the auction. For a mail-in bid to be used by Lunar Legacies during the auction, confirmation of its receipt MUST be received by the bidder directly from Lunar Legacies. A fax bid with only an auto-response from the machine that the bid has been delivered, does NOT constitute confirmation from Lunar Legacies. We prefer email bids as its easier to keep track of them. Once you email us we will confirm that we have received your bid and will email you back.

12) Pre-bids will be accepted online through Live Auctioneers for all items up to the time they are actually auctioned off.