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C1085   "Remote Sensing And The Earth" Softbound Book
P0080   100th Space Shuttle Mission Patch
C1020   14k Gold Space Medal
C1041   17 Signatures on ASE Cover
C1023   1969 Missile, Space and Range Pioneers Yearbook
P0239   1989 BSA Patch
P0303   1994 Guardian Challenge Patch
C1018   1996 Mars Missions Press Kit
C1033   20-Year NASA/MSC Service Award Signed By Robert Gilruth
P0075   24th Space Congress Patch
ZS1110   30 Astronauts Signatures on Large Photo Board
P0222   3rd Century America Patch
P0340   AEHF Patch
P0291   AFSPC-4 Patch
P0322   AFSST Patch
ZA1012   Alan Bean Signed Color Glossy Photo
ZA1038   Alan Shepard Signed Glossy Photo
S0001   ALT Manned Flight Awareness Medallion Made In Part From Flown Metal
P0197   Altair Patch
C1030   America in Space 1963 Booklet
P0209   Andromede Patch
P0266   Antares Patch
P0175   Apollo 1 Hills Patch
A1025   Apollo 10 Apollo Mission Briefs Booklet
A1000   Apollo 10 Cape Kennedy Medals Patch
A1010   Apollo 10 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1002   Apollo 10 Mission Report Booklet
A1015   Apollo 10 Press Access Badge
P0117   Apollo 11 20th Anniversary Patch
P0180   Apollo 11 20th Anniversary Patch
P0185   Apollo 11 20th Anniversary Patch
P0119   Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Patch
P0120   Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Patch
P0381   Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Patch
P0184   Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Patch
A1177   Apollo 11 Lunar Surface Operations Plan Signed by Collins and Aldrin
A1104   Apollo 11 Man on the Moon Reel-to-Reel Film
A1106   Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Medallion With Flown Metal
A1103   Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1105   Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1109   Apollo 11 Mission Moon '69 Color Booklet
A1115   Apollo 11 Splashdown Party Program
A1171   Apollo 11 Universal Commemorative Patch
A1110   Apollo 11 VIP Access Badge for the Launch, No. 19
A1205   Apollo 12 AB Emblems Vintage Patch
A1209   Apollo 12 Grumman Booklet
A1203   Apollo 12 Lion Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
A1204   Apollo 12 Manned Flight Awareness Crew Posters
A1310   Apollo 13 "Dark Horse" AB Emblems Patch
A1311   Apollo 13 AB Emblems Patch
A1321   Apollo 13 Insurance-Type Cover
A1411   Apollo 14 AB Emblems Vintage Patch
A1406   Apollo 14 Bumper Sticker
A1417   Apollo 14 Hostess Access Badge For The Launch
A1404   Apollo 14 Lion Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
A1403   Apollo 14 Manned Flight Awareness Booklet
A1440   Apollo 14 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1419   Apollo 14 McDonnell Douglas Booklet
A1472   Apollo 14 News Center Release, GET and Velocities
A1504   Apollo 15 AB Emblems Vintage Patch
A1503   Apollo 15 Cape Kennedy Medals Patch
A1515   Apollo 15 Insurance-Type Cover
A1514   Apollo 15 Lions Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
A1536   Apollo 15 McDonnell Douglas Booklet
A1506   Apollo 15 S-IVB Predicted & Actual Impact Chart
A1531   Apollo 15 Temporary Mission Decal Access Badge
A1606   Apollo 16 AB Emblems Vintage Patch
A1624   Apollo 16 Apollo Mission Briefs Booklet
A1600   Apollo 16 Beta Cloth Patch
A1618   Apollo 16 Bumper Sticker and Helmet Sticker
A1604   Apollo 16 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
A1615   Apollo 16 KSC Booklet
A1611   Apollo 16 Lions Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
A1613   Apollo 16 McDonnell Douglas Booklet
A1612   Apollo 16 McDonnell Douglas Launch Information Booklet
A1610   Apollo 16 Mission Booklet From NASA/KSC
A1626   Apollo 16 Mission Summary
A1669   Apollo 16 NASA Facts
A1609   Apollo 16 SN-27 Vehicle Pass
A1707   Apollo 17 AB Emblems Patch
A1718   Apollo 17 Amateur Radio Society Certificate
A1738   Apollo 17 Apollo Mission Briefs Booklet
ZA1036   Apollo 17 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
A1713   Apollo 17 Exploring Taurus-Littrow NASA Publication
A1701   Apollo 17 Launching To The Moon NASA Booklet
A1706   Apollo 17 Lion Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
A1742   Apollo 17 McDonnell Douglas Launch Information Booklet
A1719   Apollo 17 McDonnell Douglas Mission Profile Booklet
A1715   Apollo 17 Mission Schedule & Mission Events Card
A1771   Apollo 17 NASA Facts Booklet
A1703   Apollo 17 Press Access Badge
A1711   Apollo 17 Rollout Ceremony Access Badge
A1710   Apollo 17 VIP Access Badge For The Launch
A0700   Apollo 7 Beta Cloth Patch
A0704   Apollo 7 Launch Postcard And Emblem Sticker
A0800   Apollo 8 Mission Report Booklet
A0901   Apollo 9 AB Emblems Patch
A0900   Apollo 9 Beta Cloth Patch
A0903   Apollo 9 Crew Souvenir Patch
A0902   Apollo 9 Lion Brothers Patch
A0058   Apollo Era Pad A Visitor Access Badge
ZA1033   Apollo MCC-Houston All Missions Access Badge
A0010   Apollo Sterling Silver John Roberts Medal
A0057   Apollo-Era Pad B Visitor Access Badge
A1838   Apollo-Soyuz AB Emblems Patch
A1850   Apollo-Soyuz AB Emblems Vintage Patch
A1801   Apollo-Soyuz Astronaut/Cosmonaut Signed Matted Photo
A1837   Apollo-Soyuz Crew Patch
ZA1027   Apollo-Soyuz Flown US Flag on Certificate
A1839   Apollo-Soyuz Lion Brothers Patch
A1805   Apollo-Soyuz Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1808   Apollo-Soyuz Mission Schedule & Mission Events Card
A1800   Apollo-Soyuz Onboard Joint Operations Instructions Manual
A1142   Apollo11 Moonwalk Festival International Patch
P0254   Ares 1-X Patch
C1004   Ares 1-X Vehicle Pass For The Launch
P0023   Ares I-X Patch
P0055   Ares Patch
A1607   AS-511 (Apollo 16) Post Launch System Safing Vehicle Pass
P0235   ASC2 Patch
P0378   ASC2 Patch
P0269   Astra 1KR Patch
P0408   Astro Patch
M1700   Astronaut Carpenter Booklet
P0390   Atlantis Patch
B1002   ATS-B/A Access Badge, 1960s
P0379   Aurora II Patch
P0355   AV-046 Patch
P0353   AV-45 Patch
P0320   AVSO-312 Titusville Patch
P0282   Baudry Personal Patch
K4015   Bill Pogue Signed Card
C1061   Bioenergetics of Space Suits for Lunar Exploration
P0257   Bob Cenker Personal RCA Patch
A0021   Boeing and the Moon Rocket Booklet
P0260   Bonnie Dunbar Personal Patch
ZG1000   Buzz Aldrin Signed Gemini 12 Walkout Glossy Photo
P0231   Canadian Astronaut Program Patch
P0294   Canadian Astronaut Program Patch
M1702   Capsule 18 (Mercury-Atlas 7) Control Panel Print
P0013   Cassini Patch
P0191   Cassini Saturn's Mission Patch (Saturn Misspelled)
ZA1017   Charles Conrad Signed Color Glossy Photo
ZA1042   Charles Conrad Signed NASA Litho
ZA1018   Charlie Duke Signed EVA Color Glossy Photo
ZA1019   Charlie Duke Signed EVA Oversize Color Glossy Photo
P0407   COBE Patch
P0181   Columbia Hills Patch
P0384   Columbus Patch
P0328   Common EO Tester Patch
P0053   Constellation Patch
M1903   Cooper and Faith 7 Booklet
ZM1000   Cunningham's Maryland Turtles Club Membership Card
ZM1002   Cunningham's Massachusetts Turtles Club Membership Card
ZC1003   Cunningham's Naval Reserve Association Card
ZA1010   Cunningham's Original Turtles Club Membership Card, 1964
ZM1001   Cunningham's Pratt & Whitney Turtles Club Membership Card
ZC1002   Cunningham's Signed 1971 Explorer's Club Card
ZC1001   Cunningham's Signed Confederate Air Force Card
ZC1000   Cunningham's Society of Experimental Test Pilots Card
ZA1025   Dave Scott Signed Apollo 9 EVA Oversize Glossy Photo
ZA1026   Dave Scott Signed Spacesuit Oversize Glossy Photo
B1009   Delta 213 Access Badge
P0173   Delta II Patch
P0393   Delta II Patch
P0327   Delta IV EELV Patch
P0347   Delta IV Patch
P0039   Dial-A-Shuttle Patch
P0016   Discovery STS-114 Return To Flight Patch
P0113   Dryden Exploring the Skies Patch
C1087   Early "Maintenance in a Weightless Environment" Booklet
A0022   Early Lunar Roving Vehicle Booklet From Marshall
M1002   Early Mercury/Gemini-Era General Dynamics Color Window Decal
C1053   Eastern Test Range Facts Book, 1972
ZA1021   Edgar Mitchell Signed Recovery Color Glossy Photo
ZA1022   Edgar Mitchell Signed Spacesuit Color Glossy Photo
ZA1023   Edgar Mitchell Signed US Flag Color Glossy Photo
ZA1007   Edgar Mitchell's Apollo 14 Wheaton Flask With COA
ZA1005   Edgar Mitchell's Apollo 17 Robbins Medallion, No.214
ZA1000   Edgar Mitchell's Flown Apollo 14 Beta Cloth Patch With COA
ZA1002   Edgar Mitchell's Flown Apollo 14 Patch With COA
ZA1003   Edgar Mitchell's Flown Apollo 14 Silver Medallion With COA
ZA1004   Edgar Mitchell's Flown Apollo 14 Tissue Dispenser Assembly
ZK1000   Edgar Mitchell's Flown Skylab 3 Robbins Medallion With COA
ZA1001   Edgar Mitchell's Flown To Lunar Surface ALSEP Pin With COA
ZA1006   Edgar Mitchell's San Francisco Key To The City From Post-Flight Tour
ZK1001   Edgar Mitchell's Skylab 4 Robbins Medallion With COA
ZS1000   Edgar Mitchell's STS-1 Robbins Medallion With COA
ZS1001   Edgar Mitchell's STS-2 Robbins Medallion With COA
ZS1002   Edgar Mitchell's STS-3 Robbins Medallion With COA
ZS1003   Edgar Mitchell's STS-4 Robbins Medallion With COA
ZA1009   Edgar Mitchell's Test Pilot School Pin With COA
ZA1008   Edgar Mitchell's Turtle's Club Pin With COA
P0383   EELV 1st Flight Patch
P0343   Endeavour Patch
P0246   ESA Spacelab Mission 1 Patch
P0225   ESA Spacelab Patch
P0375   Expedition 1 Patch
P0314   Expedition 3 Patch
ZS1035   Expedition 4 Crew-Signed NASA Litho

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