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0508   1978 Women Astronauts Signed First Mission Montage
0509   All Shuttle and Mir Crews Signed Foam Display
0533   Apollo 10 LM Contingency Checklist Signed by Cernan
0516   Apollo 11 Crew-Signed Card Stcok Flyer
0518   Apollo 11 Flown CM Flat Wire Section in Lucite
0515   Apollo 12 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0527   Apollo 12 Lunar Module Remove Before Flight Tag
0510   Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0532   Apollo 17 Lunar Module Activation Checklist, Cernan
0523   Apollo 7 Flown Cable Section
0530   Apollo 8 Flight Plan Signed by Jim Lovell
0529   Apollo 8 Flown Heatshield Section in Lucite
0531   Dave Scott Signed Apollo 15 LM Lunar Surface Maps
0514   Donn Eisele Signed NASA Litho
0520   Flown Apollo 11 Large Section of CM Kapton Foil
0524   Flown Apollo 13 Command Module Hatch Shim
0519   Flown Apollo 13 Large Section of CM Kapton Foil
0511   Flown MA-6 Heatshield Section on Pen Display
0512   Flown to ISS Plate Block of Sally Ride Stamps
0526   Gemini 9A Flight Plan
2033   Lunar Legacies History
0501   Original 7 Astronauts Signed NASA Glossy Photo
0528   Professional Full Size Sputnik Satellite Replica
0525   Richard Gordon Signed Gemini 11 Flight Plan
0513   Shannon Lucid's Flown STS-58 Sweatshirt
0507   STS-114 Flown Patch on Mission Montage, Lucid Collection
0505   STS-135 Flown Flag on Certficate, Lucid Collection
0506   STS-135 Flown Patch on Crew-Signed Montage, Lucid Collection
0504   STS-2 Unflown Gold Robbins Medallion From Lucid Collection, #11
0517   STS-51A Flown Bolt From MMU
0503   STS-51G Flown Robbins Medallion From Lucid Collection, #55F
0521   STS-51L Challenger Crew Activity Plan
0502   STS-7 Flown Robbins Medallion From Lucid Collection, #36F
0522   White, Borman, Bean and Lovell Signed Gemini Book

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