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0020   1980 Astronaut Candidate Group Signed NASA Litho
0041   Ad Inexplorata Booklet Signed by Multiple Test Pilots
0028   Apollo 10 Crew-Signed Cover
0034   Apollo 10 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0075   Apollo 10 Final Flight Plan
0024   Apollo 11 Crew-Signed NASA Letter
0073   Apollo 11 Crew-Signed NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
0067   Apollo 11 Flown CM Kapton Foil Section With COA
0086   Apollo 11 LM Remove Before Flight Engine Stop PB Tag, 7-14-69
0029   Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Insurance Cover, Weitz Collection
0036   Apollo 12 Flown to Moon Map Segment on Certificate
0068   Apollo 13 Flown CM Kapton Foil Section With COA
0088   Apollo 14 Flown to Lunar Surface TV Camera Power Cable
0035   Apollo 15 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0046   Apollo 15 Final Flight Plan
0087   Apollo 15 USS Okinawa Recovery Hat
0003   Apollo 17 Crew-Signed Matted Photo
0076   Apollo 17 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0066   Apollo 17 Flown Flag to Lunar Surface With Documentation
0026   Apollo 7 Crew-Signed Cover
0027   Apollo 9 Crew-Signed Cover
0045   Apollo Beta Cloth Display
0077   Apollo Lunar TV Camera Operations Manual
0042   B-1 Bomber Rockwell Model Signed by Bock
0025   Bill Anders Signed Glossy Photo
0084   Bob Overmyer's Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) Patch
0059   Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 Flown to Moon Beta Cloth Emblem
0038   Dave Scott Signed Gemini 8 NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
0069   Extremely Rare Lunar Landing Training Vehicle Patch
0081   Flown to Lunar Surface Apollo 12 TV Camera Handle / Adapter
0074   Gemini 2 Flown Flotation Ball in Lucite
0031   Gemini 4 Crew-Signed Launch Cover
0063   Gemini 5 Flown Aeronautical Chart Page With COA
0021   Jerry Ross' 1983 Travel Request Signed by John Young & Mike Smith
0002   Jerry Ross' Flown STS-61B Ace Construction Company Sign
0004   Jerry Ross' Mach 25 Patch With COA
0005   Jerry Ross' Rare Mach 25 Soyuz Patch With COA
0001   Jerry Ross' STS-133 Flown Patch on Crew-Signed Montage
0008   Jerry Ross' STS-55 Flown Cassette Tape
0007   Jerry Ross' STS-61B Flown Cassette Tape
0000   Jerry Ross' STS-61B Flown Patch on Matted Mission Montage
0033   John Young Signed Glossy Photo
0022   JSC Astronaut Office Metal Door Sign, Ross Collection
0064   Large Section of Multi-Layered Lunar Module Kapton Foil
2000   Lunar Legacies History
0062   Lunar Module Landing Gear Crushable Honeycomb
0065   Lunar Module Netting Material Section
0061   Lunar Module Panel RCS PSIA Meter
0037   Michael Collins Signed Apollo 11 NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
0058   NACA Cast Metal Signed From Edwards, 1950s
0030   Neil Armstrong Signed NASA Litho
0080   Neil Armstrong Signed X-15 Glossy Photo
0039   Paper Sheet Signed by Bassett, White, Shepard, Cooper and Slayton
0085   Probably the Earliest Snoopy Space Patch, Tiros 8 1963
0072   Rare Apollo 10 Yellow Earth Texas Art Embroidery Patch
0071   Rare Apollo 9 Texas Art Embroidery Patch
0082   Rare Bendix Apollo-Era Life Support Patch
0070   Rare Gemini 4 Pacific Recovery Force Patch
0083   Rare Grumman LM Ground Support Patch
0057   Shannon Lucid's Cosmonaut Given Flight Suit
0054   Shannon Lucid's Flown STS-34 Shirt
0049   Shannon Lucid's Flown STS-43 Robbins Medallion, 34F
0053   Shannon Lucid's Flown STS-58 Shirt
0048   Shannon Lucid's Flown STS-79 Deorbit Burn Cue Card
0050   Shannon Lucid's Flown STS-79 Robbins Medallion
0055   Shannon Lucid's STS-1 Flown Tile Fragment in Lucite
0056   Shannon Lucid's STS-34 Flown Spoon
0051   Shannon Lucid's Unflown STS-1 Robbins Medallion, #187
0052   Shannon Lucid's Unflown STS-51L Challenger Robbins Medallion, #136
0043   SR-71 Blackbird Rockwell Model Signed by Gilliland
0032   STS-1 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0013   STS-110 Flown Purdue Pennant From Ross Collection
0019   STS-3 Landing Chase Team Signed Glossy Photo, Ross Collection
0014   STS-37 Flown SAREX Patch With Certificate, Ross Collection
0012   STS-41C Flown and Crew-Signed Star Tracker Cover, Ross Collection
0006   STS-41C Rare & Original Black Cat Patch from Ross Collection
0044   STS-49 Flown Flag on Certificate
0040   STS-61B Flown Patch With Jerry Ross COA
0016   STS-61B Humorous Crew-Signed NASA Glossy, Ross Collection
0023   STS-62A Cancelled Flight Crew Activity Plan, Ross Collection
0017   STS-62A Cancelled Mission Crew-Signed NASA Glossy Photo, Ross Collection
0009   STS-74 Flown Comb From Jerry Ross Collection
0010   STS-74 Flown Mir Crew-Signed Shirt From Ross Collection
0011   STS-88 Flown Polo-Type Shirt From ISS 2A Mission, Ross Collection
0060   STS-94 Columbia Flown Insulator
0018   STS-95 Crew-Signed NASA Glossy Photo, Ross Collection
0015   STS-95 Crew-Signed NASA Litho, Ross Collection
0047   The Seven US Astronauts to Mir Signed NASA Glossy Photo
0078   TV Camera Monitor Flown to Moon 4 Times, AP 13, 14, 15 & 17
0079   X-1 Glossy Photo Signed by Eight Test Pilots

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