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0351   Alan Shepard Signed NASA Litho
0301   Apollo 1 Autopen Crew-Signed NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
0323   Apollo 13 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0324   Apollo 14 Crew-Signed NASA Glossy Photo
0345   Apollo 14 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0346   Apollo 17 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0344   Apollo 8 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
0330   Apollo 8 Flown Expansion Joint Material on COA
0331   Apollo 8 Flown Strapping Material on COA
0340   Apollo Beta Cloth Framed Display, Owens Corning
0343   Bill Anders Signed NASA Litho
0321   Buzz Aldrin Signed NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
0320   Carl Walz's STS-108 Flown Long Sleeve Shirt
0325   Donn Eisele Signed NASA Litho
0302   Gene Cernan Initialed Apollo 17 Crew Patch
0350   Group 4 Scientist-Astronauts Signed Cover
0328   Harrison Schmitt Signed NASA Litho
0322   Jim Lovell Signed Apollo 8 NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
0338   John Fabian's 1978 Astronaut Class Patch
0334   John Fabian's STS-117 Robbins Medallion, #34
0336   John Fabian's STS-121 Robbins Medallion, #21
0339   John Fabian's STS-51G Mach 25 Patch
0335   John Fabian's STS-7 Flown De-Orbit Prep Checklist Page
0337   John Fabian's STS-7 Flown WSU Decal
0326   Ken Mattingly Signed Glossy Photo
0306   Large Section of Lunar Module Netting Material
0312   Lucid's Flown STS-51G Robbins Medallion, #49F
0313   Lucid's STS-79 Flown Gold Robbins Medallion, #3F
0311   Lucid's Unflown STS-41D Robbins Medallion, #167
0310   Lucid's Unflown STS-5 Robbins Medallion, #155
2033   Lunar Legacies History
0305   Lunar TV Camera Unflown Backup Power Cable in Package
0332   Marooned Movie Ironman One Crew Patch
0303   Mir Astronaut Crews Signed NASA Glossy Photo
0347   Neil Armstrong Signed Apollo 11 Mission Report Booklet
0348   Neil Armstrong Signed Personal Check, COA
0341   Original STS-1 Emblem Pantone Color Drawing
0329   Rare 2TV-1 Command Module Test Beta Cloth Patch
0304   Rare and Flown Russian Vimpel Patch
0333   Rare Skylab Test SMEAT Patch
0318   Rick Hieb's STS-49 Flown Long Sleeve Shirt
0327   Sally Ride Signed NASA Glossy Photo
0314   Shannon Lucid's Flown STS-79 & Mir Russian Powder Compact
0308   STS-124 Flown Patch on Crew-Signed Montage, Lucid Collection
0307   STS-132 Flown Patch on Crew-Signed Montage, Lucid Collection
0342   STS-51G Flown Patch on Crew-Signed Montage
0319   STS-57 Flown Commander's Flight Plan
0309   STS-58 Flown US Flag & Patch on Montage, Lucid Collection
0349   STS-6 F-Troop Signed Glossy Photo
0316   Transcontinental Railroad Cross-Section on Lucid Award
0317   Two STS-57 Flown Patches on Crew Plaque

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