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x1027   Alexi Leonov Signed First Spacewalk Glossy Photo
x1039   Alvin Drew Signed NASA Litho
x1046   Apollo 11 Flown CM Large Kapton Foil Section
x1049   Apollo 11 Flown Film to Lunar Surface on Certificate
x1020   Apollo 13 'Houston, We Have a Problem' NASA Film
x1045   Apollo 13 Crew-Signed Launch Cover
x1047   Apollo 13 Flown CM Large Kapton Foil Sections
x1036   Apollo 13 Original Crew Signed NASA Litho
x1030   Apollo 14 Crew-Signed NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
x1037   Apollo 17 Crew Signed NASA Litho
x1033   Apollo 17 Flown to Moon US Flag With Documentation
x1042   Cover Signed by 14 Astronauts, Young
x1028   Deke Slayton Signed Early NASA Litho
x1032   Deke Slayton's Flown and Crews-Signed Beta Cloth Patch
x1048   Early Mercury Capsule, Solid Stainless Steel
x1031   Flown Section From 1903 Wright Flyer, First Powered Flight
x1015   Flown STS-51G Silver Robbins Medallion #53F
x1016   Flown STS-58 Silver Robbins Medallion #47F
x1035   Gemini 10 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
x1024   Gemini 5 Crew-Signed Glossy Photo
x1025   Gemini 6 Crew-Signed Glossy Photo
x1034   Gemini 7 Crew-Signed Glossy Photo
x1026   Gemini 9 Crew-Signed Glossy Photo
x1043   Harrison Schmitt Signed NASA Glossy Photo
x1038   Jerry Ross' Flown STS-41C Robbins Medallion
x1022   Jerry Ross' Rare Soyuz Mach 25 Patch
x1021   Jerry Ross' Rare STS-41C Black Cat Patch
x1029   Jerry Ross' Two STS-37 SRB Frangible Nut Displays
x1008   John Fabian's Flown STS-7 Checklist Page
x1041   Large & Vintage Apollo 11 MFA NASA Poster
x1013   Lucid's Flown Mir Program Patch on Certificate
x1017   Lucid's Flown STS-34 Galileo Flag on Certficate
x1012   Lucid's Flown STS-43 Flightsuit Patch
x1019   Lucid's Flown STS-51G Flightsuit Patch
x1011   Lucid's Flown STS-58 Flightsuit Patch
x1018   Lucid's Flown STS-79 Deorbit Cue Card
z2033   Lunar Legacies History
x1010   Mir US Astronauts Signed NASA Glossy Photo
x1014   Original and Complete Apollo 13 Mission Commentary
x1001   Rick Hieb's Flown STS-49 Long Sleeve Shirt With COA
x1050   Rocket Boys Book Signed by Homer Hickam + 3
x1051   Ross' 1998 Astronaut Class Signed Matted Photo
x1009   Sally Ride Memorial Photo Signed by 24 Female Astronauts
x1040   Set of 5 Rare Apollo Launch Operations Patches
x1004   Steven Hawley's 1978 Astronaut Candidates Group Patch
x1007   Steven Hawley's STS-31 Crew-Signed Launch Invitation
x1003   Steven Hawley's STS-31 Flown Mission Patch
x1005   Steven Hawley's STS-31 Flown Spoon
x1002   Steven Hawley's STS-31 HST Cargo Training Manual
x1006   Steven Hawley's STS-93 Flown Tube of Toothpaste
x1044   STS-2 Flown US Flag
x1023   STS-95 Crew-Signed NASA Glossy Photo, Glenn

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