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S2050   "Entering Space" Joe Allen's Hardbound Book
C1085   "Remote Sensing And The Earth" Softbound Book
XA1287   'Steps to the Moon' Flown Artifacts Display
XC1012   'The Greatest Adventure' With 6 Bookplate Signatures
XC1030   'The Right Stuff' Advance Press Information Booklet
P0080   100th Space Shuttle Mission Patch
C1020   14k Gold Space Medal
C1041   17 Signatures on ASE Cover
C1023   1969 Missile, Space and Range Pioneers Yearbook
P0239   1989 BSA Patch
P0303   1994 Guardian Challenge Patch
C1018   1996 Mars Missions Press Kit
C1033   20-Year NASA/MSC Service Award Signed By Robert Gilruth
P0075   24th Space Congress Patch
P0222   3rd Century America Patch
XC1010   50-Year Atlas Laser-Cut Medallion
XK1028   72-Hour Skylab I Operations Schedule
P0340   AEHF Patch
P0291   AFSPC-4 Patch
P0322   AFSST Patch
XA1286   Al Worden Signed NASA Glossy Photo
XA1289   Al Worden Signed NASA Glossy Photo
XA1244   Alan Bean and Dave Scott Signed Bean Art Print
XK1002   Alan Bean Signed Backup Skylab Shirt Assembly
XK1001   Alan Bean Signed Backup Skylab Trouser Assembly
XA1194   Alan Bean Signed Color Glossy Photo
XA1195   Alan Bean Signed Color Glossy Photo
XA1291   Alan Bean Signed Laminated Print
XA1196   Alan Bean Signed Lunar Surface Glossy Photo
XA1283   Alan Bean Signed Older Portrait Glossy Photo
XA1198   Alan Bean Signed Spacesuit Color Glossy Photo
XA1199   Alan Bean Signed Spacesuit NASA Color Litho
XA1197   Alan Bean Signed Surveyor Glossy Photo
XA1032   Alan Shepard and Buzz Aldrin Signatures
XA1057   Alan Shepard Beta Cloth Name Tag
XA1056   Alan Shepard Signed Bookplate in 'Moon Shot', COA
XA1201   Alan Shepard Signed NASA Color Litho
XR1002   Alexi Leonov Signed Spacewalk Russian Matted Photo
S0001   ALT Manned Flight Awareness Medallion Made In Part From Flown Metal
P0197   Altair Patch
C1030   America in Space 1963 Booklet
P0209   Andromede Patch
P0266   Antares Patch
XA1068   Apollo 1 (AS-204) Firing Room Access Badge
XA1069   Apollo 1 AS-204 Review Board Report Access Badge
P0175   Apollo 1 Hills Patch
XA1070   Apollo 1 Mission Failure Investigation Team Access Badge
XA1071   Apollo 1 Mission Failure Investigation Team Access Badge
XA1084   Apollo 1 MSOB Control Room #4 Access Badge
A1025   Apollo 10 Apollo Mission Briefs Booklet
XA1036   Apollo 10 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
A1010   Apollo 10 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1002   Apollo 10 Mission Report Booklet
A1015   Apollo 10 Press Access Badge
XA1067   Apollo 11 & Apollo 17 McDonnell Douglas Booklets
P0117   Apollo 11 20th Anniversary Patch
P0180   Apollo 11 20th Anniversary Patch
P0185   Apollo 11 20th Anniversary Patch
P0119   Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Patch
P0120   Apollo 11 25th Anniversary Patch
P0184   Apollo 11 30th Anniversary Patch
XA1259   Apollo 11 Access Badge For The Launch, No. 187
A1107   Apollo 11 Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine
XA1038   Apollo 11 Biological Garments Crew Patch
XA1006   Apollo 11 Crew Patch
A1120   Apollo 11 Crew-Signed "First On The Moon" Book
XA1206   Apollo 11 Earthrise Signed by 12 Apollo Astronauts
XA1292   Apollo 11 Eisenhower Proof 1971 Silver Dollar
XA1262   Apollo 11 Era 72-Hour Support Schedule
XA1010   Apollo 11 Flight Plan, Final
A1111   Apollo 11 Grumman Patch
XA1050   Apollo 11 Launch Vehicle Flight Readiness Countdown Manual
XA1076   Apollo 11 Lunar Module Grumman Certificate
XA1078   Apollo 11 Lunar Receiving Laboratory Menu
A1104   Apollo 11 Man on the Moon Reel-to-Reel Film
A1106   Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Medallion With Flown Metal
A1103   Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1105   Apollo 11 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
XA1013   Apollo 11 MFA Medallion in Networks Vinyl Presentation
XA1079   Apollo 11 MFA Medallion With Flown Metal With Certificate
A1109   Apollo 11 Mission Moon '69 Color Booklet
XA1053   Apollo 11 Preliminary Science Report From Goddard Library
XA1066   Apollo 11 Press Kit
XA1172   Apollo 11 Press Kit
A1115   Apollo 11 Splashdown Party Program
XA1014   Apollo 11 Tracking Networks Mission Configuration Manual
XA1015   Apollo 11 Tracking Networks Mission Info Manual
A1171   Apollo 11 Universal Commemorative Patch
A1108   Apollo 11 VIP Access Badge for the Launch, No. 18
XA1040   Apollo 11 World Tour South Korea Medal and Pin
XA1165   Apollo 12 (CM-108) Command Module Panel Print
A1205   Apollo 12 AB Emblems Vintage Patch
XA1170   Apollo 12 Air to Ground Mission Commentary
XA1182   Apollo 12 Crew-Signed Glossy Photo
XA1281   Apollo 12 Crew-Signed NASA Glossy Photo
XA1260   Apollo 12 DOD Press Kit
XA1080   Apollo 12 DOD Support Booklet
XA1261   Apollo 12 Era 72-Hour Support Schedule
XA1011   Apollo 12 Flight Plan, Final
A1209   Apollo 12 Grumman Booklet
A1203   Apollo 12 Lion Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
XA1059   Apollo 12 Lunar Orbit Chart
A1204   Apollo 12 Manned Flight Awareness Crew Posters
XA1012   Apollo 12 Press Kit
XA1171   Apollo 12 Press Kit
XA1263   Apollo 12 Tracking Team Goddard Booklet
XA1184   Apollo 13 Astronaut Actors Signed Glossy Photo
A1300   Apollo 13 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
A1406   Apollo 14 Bumper Sticker
A1417   Apollo 14 Hostess Access Badge For The Launch
XA1274   Apollo 14 Laser Ranging Retro Reflector Final Report
A1404   Apollo 14 Lion Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
A1403   Apollo 14 Manned Flight Awareness Booklet
A1440   Apollo 14 Manned Flight Awareness Poster
A1419   Apollo 14 McDonnell Douglas Booklet
A1472   Apollo 14 News Center Release, GET and Velocities
XA1282   Apollo 14 Preliminary Science Report
XA1205   Apollo 14 Rollout Signed by 16 Apollo Astronauts
XA1166   Apollo 15 (CM-112) Command Module Panel Print
A1504   Apollo 15 AB Emblems Vintage Patch
XA1185   Apollo 15 Crew-Signed Cover
A1514   Apollo 15 Lions Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
XA1264   Apollo 15 Lunar Photography NASA Book
A1536   Apollo 15 McDonnell Douglas Booklet
XA1054   Apollo 15 Preliminary Science Report From Goddard Library
A1506   Apollo 15 S-IVB Predicted & Actual Impact Chart
A1531   Apollo 15 Temporary Mission Decal Access Badge
A1606   Apollo 16 AB Emblems Vintage Patch
A1624   Apollo 16 Apollo Mission Briefs Booklet
A1618   Apollo 16 Bumper Sticker and Helmet Sticker
XA1037   Apollo 16 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
XA1002   Apollo 16 IU Thermal Radiation Shroud Material
A1615   Apollo 16 KSC Booklet
XA1093   Apollo 16 Launch RCA Flip Booklet
A1611   Apollo 16 Lions Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
XA1265   Apollo 16 Lunar Photography NASA Book
A1613   Apollo 16 McDonnell Douglas Booklet
A1612   Apollo 16 McDonnell Douglas Launch Information Booklet
A1610   Apollo 16 Mission Booklet From NASA/KSC
A1626   Apollo 16 Mission Summary
A1669   Apollo 16 NASA Facts
XA1052   Apollo 16 Preliminary Science Report From Goddard Library
A1608   Apollo 16 Rollout Ceremony Vehicle Pass
A1609   Apollo 16 SN-27 Vehicle Pass
A1718   Apollo 17 Amateur Radio Society Certificate
A1738   Apollo 17 Apollo Mission Briefs Booklet
XA1062   Apollo 17 Beta Cloth Patch and NASA Booklet
A1713   Apollo 17 Exploring Taurus-Littrow NASA Publication
XA1174   Apollo 17 Landing Area Geologic Map
XA1175   Apollo 17 Landing Site Panorama & Traverse Map
A1701   Apollo 17 Launching To The Moon NASA Booklet
A1706   Apollo 17 Lion Brothers Patch With Hidden Mission Number
XA1077   Apollo 17 Lunar Module Grumman Certificate
XA1033   Apollo 17 Manned Flight Awareness Poster, Teledyne
A1742   Apollo 17 McDonnell Douglas Launch Information Booklet
A1719   Apollo 17 McDonnell Douglas Mission Profile Booklet
A1715   Apollo 17 Mission Schedule & Mission Events Card
A1771   Apollo 17 NASA Facts Booklet
XA1051   Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report From Goddard Library
A1703   Apollo 17 Press Access Badge
A1711   Apollo 17 Rollout Ceremony Access Badge
A1710   Apollo 17 VIP Access Badge For The Launch
XA1034   Apollo 4 Press Kit From Bendix
XA1009   Apollo 5 AS-204 Firing Room Access Badge
XA1103   Apollo 5 Mission Commentary
XA1164   Apollo 7 (CM-101) Command Module Panel Prints
XA1250   Apollo 7 Beta Cloth Patch
XA1181   Apollo 7 Crew-Signed NASA Glossy, Schirra & Cunningham
XA1035   Apollo 7 Crew-Signed NASA Litho
A0704   Apollo 7 Launch Postcard And Emblem Sticker
A0706   Apollo 7 Lion Brothers Patch With Purple Background
XA1249   Apollo 8 Beta Cloth Patch
XA1102   Apollo 8 CSM Data Requirements MSC Manual
XA1256   Apollo 8 DOD Press Kit
XA1258   Apollo 8 Era 72-Hour Mission Support Schedule
XA1107   Apollo 8 Lunar Photography Index Map Set
XA1073   Apollo 8 MFA Medallion With Two Certificates
A0800   Apollo 8 Mission Report Booklet
XA1257   Apollo 8 Press Kit
XA1251   Apollo 9 Beta Cloth Patch
XA1271   Apollo Command Module Nozzle Washer
XA1270   Apollo Command Module Socket Head Screw Cap
XA1269   Apollo Command Module Teflon-Like Ring Seal
A0058   Apollo Era Pad A Visitor Access Badge
XA1108   Apollo Lunar Surface Drill Press Kit
XA1065   Apollo Medallion Group with Flown Metal
XA1272   Apollo Space Club Medallion Made with Flown Apollo & Skylab Metal
A0010   Apollo Sterling Silver John Roberts Medal
A0057   Apollo-Era Pad B Visitor Access Badge
XA1025   Apollo-Skylab Era Rockwell Hardhat
A1850   Apollo-Soyuz AB Emblems Vintage Patch
A1801   Apollo-Soyuz Astronaut/Cosmonaut Signed Matted Photo
XA1061   Apollo-Soyuz Beta Cloth Patch
XA1085   Apollo-Soyuz Crew Signed Cover, 4 of 5
XA1086   Apollo-Soyuz Crew Signed NASA Color Litho
XA1043   Apollo-Soyuz Crew-Signed Russian Tour Parchment
XA1044   Apollo-Soyuz Crew-Signed US Tour Parchment
XA1268   Apollo-Soyuz Design Certification Review JSC Booklet
XA1173   Apollo-Soyuz DOD Press Kit
XA1088   Apollo-Soyuz Flight Directors Signed Litho

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