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0412   1978 Astronaut Candidate Group Signed Matte Display
0401   Apollo 11 Final Flight Plan
0402   Apollo 13 Final Flight Plan
0422   Apollo 13 Flown LM Netting on Crew-Signed Card
0410   Early Space Shuttle Concept Model
0424   Harrison Schmitt Signed NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
0428   Jim Lovell Signed Apollo 13 LM Lift-Off - 2Hour Star Chart
0406   LM Final Assembly Subsystem Installations Grumman Booklet
0407   LM Training Orientation Grumman Book
2033   Lunar Legacies History
0426   Mercury Launch Complex 14 Handrail Section Display
0427   Michael Collins Signed Apollo 11 LM Descent Monitoring Chart
0403   NAA Apollo Program Training Book, 1966
0408   Orbiter Crash and Rescue Information Manual
0418   Original STS-51D Crew-Signed Certificate With Geg Jarvis
0423   Original Topping, Inc. Lunar Module Model, Early Version
0405   Project Gemini Familiarization Manual, McDonnell
0420   Sannon Lucid's Flown STS-79 Long Sleeve Shirt
0417   Sannon Lucid's STS-41B Flown US Flag on Certificate
0404   Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Modification Description Manual
0425   Solid and Well-Made Space Shuttle Model
0415   STS-1 Unflown Gold Robbins Medallion
0416   STS-2 Unflown Silver Robbins Medallion
0414   STS-51G Flown Spartan Patch on Certificate
0419   STS-51L Sterling Silver Robbins Medallion
0413   STS-79 & Mir Flown Russian Fecal Bag
0411   STS-9 Flown Cue Card and Patch on Crew-Signed Display
0421   STS-95 Unflown Silver Robbins Medallion
0409   Very Early Space Shuttle Concept Model, Solid

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