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x1052   1954 Mojave Chart Signed by 16 Astronauts & Aviators
x1007   1970 Toyko Raiders Reunion Program Signed by Seven Raiders
x1033   1996 Astronaut Group Signed Matted Photo + Group Patch
x1063   Alan Shepard Signed NASA Litho
x1016   Apollo 11 Beta Cloth in Roma Chemical Packaging
x1034   Apollo 12 Flown to Moon Lunar Map Page Section
x1049   Apollo 12 Sparkle Wake Crew Patch
x1061   Apollo 13 Crew-Signed Post-Recovery Glossy Photo
x1018   Apollo 13 LM-7 Swatch on Crew-Signed Card
x1035   Apollo 15 Crew-Signed Walkout NASA Glossy Photo
x1057   Apollo 15 Saturn V Flight Manual
x1002   Apollo 17 Crew-Signed Matted Photo
x1001   Apollo 8 Crew-Signed Matted Photo
x1014   Apollo GN&C Data Links Manual From MIT
x1025   Apollo S-II Test Team Launch Operation Patch
x1023   Buzz Aldrin in CM NASA Numbered Glossy Photo, NM
x1021   Buzz Aldrin Lunar Footprint NASA Numbered Glossy Photo, NM
x1045   Chinese Long March Rocket Model
x1040   Complete Set of 136 Shuttle Mission Emblem Patches
x1008   Donald Puddy's LM-1 Data Book Manual
x1065   Early Jupiter Rocket Model From Late 1950s
x1053   Eight MOL Astronaut Signatures on MOL Glossy Photo
x1036   Gemini-Era Pineapple-Grapefruit Drink Training Food
x1003   Gene Cernan in LM NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
x1012   Ilan Ramon Signed STS-107 Cover, English & Hebrew
x1030   Jack Lousma's Crew-Signed Wives Cover
x1029   Jack Lousma's Flown Skylab 3 Day 5&6 Meals Menu Cue Card
x1027   Jack Lousma's Flown STS-3 Deorbit Cue Card
x1028   Jack Lousma's Flown STS-3 Entry No-Go Checklist Cue Card
x1031   Jack Lousma's Oversize Initialed STS-3 Patch, Signed Twice
x1050   Jim McDivitt's Flown Apollo 9 Crew Patch
x1006   John Fabian's Flown STS-51G Cassette Tape
x1005   John Fabian's STS-7 Crew-Signed Cover
x1043   Large Ariane 4 1/100th Scale Model
x1044   Large Delta II Rocket Model
x1017   Leonov and Kubasov Signed NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
x1041   Nacogdoches STS-107 Columbia Recovery Team Shirt
x1022   Neil Armstrong in LM NASA Numbered Glossy Photo, NM
x1062   Neil Armstrong Signed NASA Litho
x1026   North American Rockwell Apollo Launch Team Patch
x1060   Project Mercury and Site Handbook
x1059   Puddy's Apollo 9 LM-3 Console Handbook
x1046   Rare Apollo 1 Crew Patch From Slayton Collection
x1047   Rare Apollo 7 Crew Patch
x1048   Rare Apollo 8 Segmented Earth Crew Patch
x1024   Rare Grumman LEM Cold Flow Test Site Patch
x1010   Rare North American Aviation S-II Stage Back Patch
x1011   Rare North American Aviation Space Division Back Patch
x1004   Schmitt in LM NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
x1058   Slayton's Enterprise Free Flight 3 Integrated Flight Checklist
x1051   Space & Aviation Records Signed Photo, 19 Signatures
x1032   STS-1 Flown US Flag on Certificate
x1039   STS-104 Flown patch on Crew-Signed Mission Montage
x1042   STS-107 Columbia Reconstruction Team Shirt
x1013   STS-107 Crew-Signed Cover
x1020   STS-3 Flown Brake Segment on Wooden Wall Display
x1019   STS-51J Flown OASIS Patch on Framed Certificate
x1054   STS-6 Crew-Signed Landing Glossy Photo From Weitz Collection
x1037   STS-79 Flown Spacehab Bolt in NASA Display
x1038   STS-98 Flown patch on Crew-Signed Mission Montage
x1000   Ted Freeman Signed NASA Numbered Glossy Photo
x1009   Topping, Inc. Model Catalog, 1962
x1064   X-1 Glossy Photo Signed by Eight
x1055   XB-70 NAA Contractor Model Signed by Four Pilots
x1056   YB-49 USAF Contractor Model Siged by Cardenas
x1015   Yuri Gagarin Signed ALS Letter on Training

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